Free Mobile phone Tracking: Where is your girlfriend/boyfriend this New Years Eve?

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I want to know more about this, please give me more information.
asked 1 year ago by Barbara Fiori (120 points)

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I have no idea, but wherever that may be I wish her peace, the best of health &happiness and all the luck in the world. I really hope things are going well.As for finding out, if they wanted us to know then they'd pick up the phone and if you dont trust them to be where they say they are ... then maybe the New Year should mean a new start eh.
If you know my number (it's on here somewhere) you can track me... I'm at home in Sheffield, upstairs in my room, looking out at the foreboding darkness and thinking of the past year. Aren't we all? There's no reason to be secretive.I hope the celebrations go well if you're all poppin' out. See what next year holds in store.

answered 1 year ago by Junita Welschmeyer (140 points)

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